Speakers & Presenters FAQs

Can Carousel get me any speaker or presenter?

We aim to!! Besides the wealth of presenters in our database, our affiliations and contacts gives us access to many speakers, celebrities, business leaders, authors, media personalities, sports stars, and corporate entertainment.


Will I be able to preview a presenter before I book him/her?

You will receive information, a biography and if available a preview VHS videotape or DVD disc of the presenter in action. This is usually more than adequate for you to get a sense if the presenter is right for your audience. For those clients who prefer to see a presenter do a live performance before committing, permission may be granted for a visitor to sit/stand in on a performance. This may require you to travel to the event.


Does the price quoted for a speaker include travel expenses?

In most cases, unfortunately not. There is usually an additional charge for airfare, rail, car etc, overnight accommodation, food, and other incidentals. In addition, there may also be extra charges for technical equipment, especially when booking high-end entertainment or high-profile celebrities.

One thing we can promise, you’ll never be surprised or caught off guard by hidden charges. We will advise all charges to you up front. All charges need to be understood, negotiated and approved before contracts are signed. It’s our job at Carousel to make sure you, our client, fully understand why and what you are paying for and to make sure that we get the best and fairest deal for you.


Who makes the speaker’s travel arrangements?

This can either be the responsibility of the client or the speaker (or his management) whichever is the most convenient to all concerned.


Will the speaker customise or tailor his/her presentation for my particular meeting and audience?

In most cases, yes. At Carousel we encourage the speakers to customise and tailor their presentations. To assist the speakers in doing so, we ask you to provide as much information about your event, the industry and your attendees as possible. We will then advise the speaker.There are even several speakers who actually conduct interviews with key people in your organisation in order to more effectively tailor their presentation. The better presenters are not only excellent speakers but are also superb listeners.


Will the presenter join us at our dinner, cocktail party, or golf outing?

It all depends on scheduling and the presenter’s preference. Many presenters welcome and appreciate an invitation to join the group for dinner and/or other social functions, with the understanding, of course, that they may respectfully decline. Organisers need to keep in mind that there are some presenters who enjoy socializing with an audience before making their scheduled presentation, while others prefer that the audience meet them for the first time when they are formally introduced. Also, on occasions, a hectic travel schedule may preclude a presenter from partying before their presentation. Since a golf outing requires a commitment to a certain block of time, accepting to join the group for the outing will depend on the presenter’s schedule. Special arrangements can sometimes be made, for an additional fee, to have a “celebrity” join the group on their golf outing. These arrangements need to be made well in advance of the event.


Why should I book my Presenters/Speakers through Carousel?

For several reasons. First and foremost, we are not held to any particular speakers or presenters; therefore allowing us to recommend any and all speakers including those that are exclusive with speaker bureaus and other agencies.

Whether your needs are for a Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Business Expert, Celebrity, Sports Star, or General Entertainer, we can help you. We can satisfy not only all your speaker needs but also all your Corporate Entertainment needs. Our comprehensive entertainment expertise and experience, makes us a most convenient one-stop-resource. Event Organisers enjoy working with Carousel because they avoid the hassle of having to deal with several different contacts in order to satisfy their various speaker/entertainment needs. Our innovative approach to personalised attention is the main reason why so many of our clients rely on Carousel. Overall, our customised service is designed to save you time, money and hassle.

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