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Event Management FAQs

Why have an event?

Any number of reasons including:

  • raise money for charity
  • raise awareness
  • create publicity
  • reward employees/suppliers
  • honour industry professionals
  • have fun
  • why not?...


How large or small an event can you cater for?

The are no set numbers or average. We have provided entertainment and organised private dinners for 15 guests in a normal dining room through to events that have been well over 1500 people.


What types of Events can Carousel manage?

  • Charity Balls, Dinner Dances, Awards Ceremonies, Christmas Parties and other Seasonal Events, Themed Events, Family Fun Days
  • Marketing Events, Product Launches, Launch Parties, Marketing Campaigns, Fashion Shows, Press Launches
  • Conferences, Presentations, Away Days, Incentives, Team Building
  • Private Parties, Birthdays, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs
  • Sporting Hospitality


What is a Free Venue Finding Service?

Basically, just that. We can help you source a venue are we are not tied to any specific property or location but we do have a vast amount of knowledge, contacts and experience in all types of venues across the country. We will only ever suggest venues that are practical and one that will cater to your needs. The “free” bit means just that. We do not charge for this service and you will pay the same price or on some occasions a lower price than if you went to the venue directly.


How much is an event going to cost me?

Each event is unique, each client has their own specific requirements therefore it is difficult to provide ballpark figures. We would however suggest that you give us a call so we can discuss your requirements and we will then provide a proposal outlining all associated costs.


Why should I use you as a venue booking agent?

The number and and varying quality of hotels and event venues has increased hugely in recent years.  The choice is now enormous, from deluxe to budget, from conference centre to art gallery.  Existing venues upgrade faciliities to compete with local competition.  How do you keep track of them all?  Which venues give you best value? and which offer the best facilities for your event?

It is impossible for most clients to monitor these developments.  Even experienced employees spend too much time searching for the right venue and the find the venue is either the wrong type, in the wrong location or not available.

Carousel Events can eleviate all these and that is why more and more clients are relying on our specialist knowledge.


Who uses your Venue Finding Service?

Major corporations and organisations, even government departments, companies both large and small and associations use our venue finding service.  From very large companies with the need to book many events and bedrooms throughout the year to the occasional one-off booking.  No matter how small, each client receives the same level of service.


How do you select a venue for my event?

Based on your exact requirements and brief.  We find out the type of venue you require, location, price range, what facilities are required, how specific is your location.  We have extensive databases on hotels, conference venues, event venues such as galleries, castles, marquees and many other venue types, which are constantly updated.  We are not restricted in the search for the right venue in the way travel agents has to search using a central airline system.  Because of this, we advise our clients on the most appropriate, best value venue matching or exceeding your needs and expectations.


How do you book my event with a venue?

Not all bookings are for conferences, large awards, dinners, and accommodation.  These can range from a simple afternoon meeting to managing a major event on behalf of a client, but all of them demand an understanding of client's needs as well as specialist knowledge of the venue and venue management.

Before a booking can be made, discussions between the client and ourselves would have focused on the size of the event, its location and style.  A number of alternative venues will normally be proposed for consideration before the choice is agreed.  For a major event, we reccommend our clients visit the venue, accompanied by one of our team.  Depending on the level of involvement our clients require of us, Carousel may continue to play a key part in the planning and organisation of the event and even provide event staff and other facilities and services such as delegate management and full event management.


Are venue rates increased to cover the commission payment?
Not at all, you would be charged the same rate if you had booked it yourself

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