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Entertainment FAQs

With all those different acts to choose from, how will I know which one is right for my function?

The best method is to have a telephone conversation with us. Our experienced team will ask you a few questions about your function and your needs! We'll be able to suggest the very best act available to meet your budget and your specific entertainment requirements. Next, we'll send you publicity details and/or a biography of the acts proposed and, where available, promotional CDs/DVDS (at no cost or obligation to you, of course) and, as a courtesy, we'll place the act on "HOLD" for your function date (normally for up to 2 weeks) whilst you make a decision.


Do we have to feed the entertainment at our function?

Providing food for your entertainment is not obligatory, but depending on the length of performance, it is normal courtesy to provide some refreshments and is certainly appreciated by them. Considering travel time, set-up and break-down time and then the length of the performance, if unfed, it may be 8 to 10 continuous hours between meals.


What happens if something goes wrong?

Let's say you hire a DJ or Band and the day before your event you are told that they are unable to perform. Do you have a backup? Hiring your entertainment with Carousel can, in most cases, allay that fear. We have a backup plan and the resources to offer a substitute and put your event back on track.


What is Corporate Entertainment?

Corporate Enteraintment may have been seen as an optional luxury not so many years ago, but nowadays the mounting pressure to offer something "new and different" means that some form of entertainment is fast becoming an integral - (and even expected) - aspect of many types of corporate functions, whether it is a product launch, post conference party, client or staff drinks party through to an awards ceremony and of course, the Company Christmas Party!

Take Trade shows for example can use varied types of Entertainment to put the message across in an interesting and fun way.  Customised magic works really well here.  At Exhibitions/Trade shows, live performers are perfect for targeting visitors and increasing footfall and potential new business leads to your stand.  Trade show entertainers are also perfect way to ensure visitors are retained whilst waiting to speak to a company representive, which is a common problem as highlighted in recent industry surveys.

With retail  promotions, using roadshows or entertainers such as stiltwalkers can draw the attention of the public to the product or service. 

Conferences can also benefit too in a number of ways.  Breakout activities such as circus or magic workshops introduce a bit of fun between the serious bits, whilst maintaining levels of concentration and motivation.  Then in the evening for the post conference drinks reception or post conference party, following what has probably been a packaged day of delegates sitting down listening to conference speakers, welcome an opportunity to relax, often with a fair helping of alcohol and fine food and of course various types of background entertainment, whether this be aerial acts, background jazz bands or mix and mingle entertainers. Interesting and fun entertainment is the key, may be with a theme and good decor to compliment the event aims, will help to keep them awake, involved and above, create that all important lasting impression.

If you are involved with organising awards lunches or an awards dinner, then you will appreciate that these can be prolonged affairs, and even a touch tedious for those not receiving an award! , however Mix and Mingle Entertainment, such as close-up magic or a spontaneous poet around the dinner tables will help to create an upbeat atmosphere with guests laughing out loud and applauding.  In addition a headline stage act, particular those that are instantly recognised such as a famous comedian or pop act are a great way to ensure people remember the event.

A live band and disco after the ceremony allows guests to let of steam and have fun after the formalities have been completed, as do games such as Casino tables, Scaletrix, Crazy Golf, Pinball Machines and the latest Surf and Snowboarding Simulators. 

Networking gatherings too will benefit from some form of entertainment, as it is the perfect ice breaker where guests are often on their own and don't know anyone else. 


How does corporate entertainment differ from other entertainment?

The term "corporate entertainment" suggests the types of entertainment that is suitable for corporate and association meetings, conferences, and conventions, awards etc. We supply professional entertainers who have the experience to know how to conduct themselves at corporate events.


What does corporate entertainment cost?

When “buying” entertainment, you pay for the acts’ abilities, experience, production and popularity. The date of your event and the location also affects the price, as we need to take into consideration travel expenses. What type of show is it? Is production provided? Is it a multiple day booking? These items will nearly always affect the final price.


Does the price quoted include travel costs?

Yes, travel expenses are included in the quote or either clearly stated separately.


Will entertainers customize their material for us?

There are a number of great performers (comedians, magicians, impersonators, caricaturists, etc.) who will customize their material for your event. Contact us for a recommendation.


What event themes are popular at the moment?

The traditional event themes such as James Bond and Las Vegas are still very popular, although many new themes are focused around the latest film releases and television shows such as Pirattes of the Carribean, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Channel 4's Lost. 

Theming does not necessarily mean you have to decorate the room and have themed entertainers/entertainment, for example, as ever companies often ask us for something different so The Apprentice has been very influential in the Team Building category, where by a varied and versatile team-building event for 10-30 people has been designed that puts the fun into being fired!


I am a manager/artist supplying entertainment that we think your clients will appreciate, what is the best way to get my details across to you?

We welcome any details for potential new acts and entertainment that we can suggest to our clients.  With this in mind and to ensure our telephone lines are kept clear for our client calls, as well as trying to keep marketing/postage costs low and doing our bit to save the planet, Carousel Events has designed an online artists and suppliers registration form which we would ask to be completed. 

Once this has been submitted, the Team receive an e-mail notification with full details of your act together with any attachments you have provided, if we feel that this suits our clients requirements then we will be in touch.  By submitting your details this way it automatically updates our database. 

However, as we are sure you can appreciate, we are not always able to respond to each and every submission, so please be patient and do visit re-visit our website once or twice a year to remind us of your act or when any information needs updating.

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